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NEW IN 2022...

NSL Membership is now open to anyone and everyone!

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No matter if you are a player, a fan, a friend, an ally, or simply want to get more involved- you can become an NSL Member today! NSL accepts all individuals across the Greater New Orleans Area and the Gulf Coast region, regardless of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, and skill level! You must be at least 18 years old to join and reside within 225 miles of New Orleans.

NSL Membership Dues are $15 per year. To become an NSL Member, please fill out an NSL Membership Application and submit your payment. NSL Membership Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and may be submitted at any time.

NSL Membership *Perks* include:

  • Discounted Registration Fee for our upcoming Spring 2023 Regular Season
  • Opportunity to become "NAGAAA-Rated" and participate in an upcoming NSL Season and/or NAGAAA-sanctioned Member City Tournaments
  • Invitations to league practices, workshops, skills clinics, and scrimmages
  • Opportunities to participate in NSL Committees
  • Invitations to social events
  • Volunteering opportunities for NSL and the Bourbon Street Classic
  • Access to all things NSL, including merchandise and exclusive offerings

Note: All dues are treated as donations to help to cover our ongoing expenses as a non-profit organization.

NOLA Softball League would not be possible without the generous contributions of our NSL Members! Thank you for being a part of NSL! 


Why Complete an NSL Membership Application?

We are always looking to grow our NSL family. Rather than waiting around for a season to start, or otherwise losing interest, NSL Membership allows those interested in playing NSL softball to join our league at any time, participate in our events, join in on practices and scrimmages, get NAGAAA-Player Rated, and be the first to get informed when a new season approaches.

Do I have to Complete an NSL Membership Application in addition to a Season Registration?

No! If you are looking to join NSL, and a season registration is open, your registration for that season qualifies as your NSL Membership Application.

Can you explain Dues?

Annual Membership Dues are $15.00 for all members. If you are a returning NSL Member (meaning you have played a season with us before), your dues are included in your Spring Regular Season Registration fee. The same goes for new players opting to use their season registration as their NSL Membership Application, as mentioned above.

If you filled out an NSL Membership Application when there was no season registration open, this "buy-in" to NSL Membership  qualifies you for a $15.00 Spring Regular Season Registration discount. We wouldn't want you to pay your dues twice!

This is our attempt at ensuring everyone has the opportunity stay informed about everything NSL!